Our two manufacturing sites provide customers with a huge array of options when it comes fabrication of both timber and panel products.

Our technology and expertise, combined with our extensive range of products, means we can support all your Timber and Panel requirements from large production runs to small bespoke requirements.

Our dedicated Technical teams can give you the help and advice you need to create the right product for the right application.

Timber Manufacturing


Bespoke and Profile mouldings

In addition to our range of industry standard profiles and pre-machined mouldings, we can also produce Bespoke Profiles and Mouldings to any design.


Cross Cutting

Our cross cutter allows us to provide a fast and efficient sawing service. Our multi-rip saw can cut multiple pieces in the same pass; helping us to reduce production times for our high quality cross cutting timber service.


Timber Treatment & Priming

Unprotected, externally exposed timber will weather naturally and can become bleached or grey, depending on the aspect and situation. Alternatively, a preservative, wood stain, paint finish or just a priming coat can be applied to prepare, protect or colour the timber. Our team is happy to assist with any questions relating to Timber treatment, to help you achieve the results you are looking for.


Laminating TEC

The demand for laminated timber grows stronger each year. To complement our huge stock range of standard sizes we also have laminating facilities within our sawmill to offer bespoke TEC to your requirements.


Panel Production Fabrication


Cut to size

Using the latest optimisation and production software, our team will identify the most efficient cutting patterns for your final requirements; minimising waste and reducing your cost and lead times. Whatever Panel product and quantity needed, you will receive the highest quality finish with our Cut-to-Size service.



Our brand new edge bander and skilled team will ensure your Panels always receive the best quality finish. Whether you’re a small joinery company without in-house edge banding facilities, or your own edge bander has reached full capacity, we are here to help.

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