Losán was established in 1964 as a small carpentry company in the Galician town of Curtis.

Losán has grown continuously since it’s beginnings in the wood industry; their range of products and the personalised solutions in board and veneer melamine mean that they can now reach any location in the world.


Losán is a pioneer in contributing to the circular economy by converting waste into resources and resources into energy. In 2018 they recycled more than 200,000 tonnes of wood from Recycling Points all over Spain. They are Non-Hazardous Waste Managers because we are committed to caring for the environment. By taking responsibility for this waste and using these recycled wood pieces, Losán contributes to preventing unnecessary logging.

Losán ensures it uses energy efficiently. They have built biomass plants to make use of forest residues, such as bark and pruning leftovers, and use them as fuel to generate electricity.

At Losán, they are pioneers in the installation of cogeneration plants, which minimise environmental impact by using the heat from combustion, reaching thermal outputs of more than 80% which wthey use to power their factories.