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Midnight Acacia

Greenlam brings to you a way to turn your kitchen into a piece of art. Presenting Stratus Kitchen Surface Solutions, a coordinated range including breakfast bars, worktops, splashbacks and upstands. A perfect blend of style, utility and durability, these temperature-neutral and easy-to-install kitchen surfaces bring your kitchen alive through countless textures and designs.



Product Description Manufacturer Manufacturer Product Code Texture Thickness Length Width
Midnight Acacia - Worktop Greenlam 5331 Essentia 12 3050 615
Midnight Acacia - Breakfast Bar Greenlam 5331 Essentia 12 3050 900
Midnight Acacia - Upstand Greenlam 5331 Essentia 12 3050 95
Midnight Acacia - Splashback Greenlam 5331 Essentia 6 3050 600