Product Procurement Policy

As one of the largest timber & panel product distributors in the UK, Timbmet Ltd recognises its responsibility to the environment and the role it has to play within the timber supply chain. We recognise the importance of sustainability in the continued protection of global forestry and the role we have within that. Through this recognition we are committed to the continued purchasing and development of sustainably sourced timber and timber products and continue to champion sustainability wherever possible.

The procurement of timber and panel products is done through a complex network of global supply chains. We are dedicated to the procurement of these products from legal and sustainable sources ensuring due diligence is conducted on each of our supply chain partners. All timber and panel products are purchased in accordance with our legal obligations as laid out in the United Kingdom Timber Regulation (UKTR) and as such we operate robust due diligence processes to verify product compliance. We seek to work with suppliers who can demonstrate a commitment towards improving the level of sustainability in their activities and we actively seek to increase the use of fast grown plantation timber species, replacing what would traditionally have been felled from existing forest resources.

Our buyers and compliance staff regularly visit existing and potential new suppliers to audit and evaluate them in accordance with our core values. In higher risk areas we conduct our own second party audits and seek clear evidence that the companies we are dealing with operate in-line with our principles as well as those laid down by the third party accreditation schemes.

We are committed to the concept of auditable independent certification for all our product ranges, being certified for FSC® (INT-COC-002348 ) and PEFC™ (CATG-PEFC-COC-619). To which we are independently audited on an annual basis for compliance. We track and audit our year-on-year performance in sales of certified products, as a percentage of our total activity.

All our procurement activities are outlined in our ISO9001:2015 quality management system. We operate a 6 monthly rolling internal audit schedule and are audited externally on an annual basis, to check compliance with our defined processes and procedures.

We will seek to continuously review and improve this policy inline with industry developments, new product initiatives and changes in the implementation of sustainability policy.

Nigel Cox
Managing Director, Timbmet Ltd
Registered in England No: 3009353
Date:  August 2021