“It’s so realistic you can almost feel the
cool surface of the marble, catch splinters
from the woodgrain and wipe the dust
from the concrete.”

Fabulous designs, realistic textures and all produced using a 100% recycled core. Welcome to Saviola, the only global manufacturer to provide a 100% recycled core board.



The heart of the Saviola Group beats for the Environment, through eco-sustainability and the ethics of recycling. The Group – known for the claim: “Help us save the trees – it is the most important wood scrap processor in the world, with a recycling capacity of more than 1.2 million tons of post-consumer wood per year.

The concept that has always distinguished the Group’s activity is the recovery and recycling of a secondary raw material that can be revived in the form of new products and be reused, without the need to cut down new trees, with an economically, environment-friendly and socially sustainable process logic.