Among the world’s top three producer of laminates, Greenlam brings a legacy of exceptional artistry, unsurpassed quality and unyielding passion for excellence to the table.

With a production capacity of 15.62 million sheets every year, they have always ensured that superior quality products are available to the customer. Innovative technology and creative solution have been their guiding principles from day one.

They have their team of 3750 employees and a network of over 14000 dealers and distributors to thank for maintaining their level of excellence and commitment. Their esteemed list of clients inspire us to innovate and ideate towards delivering the best.


At Greenlam they understand sustainability as to how they consume and harness resources, not only in the environment, but in the economy and society too. A complex issue that’s far more than just displaying some certificates and setting some goals, sustainability pervades through every aspect of their business as we look to become as sustainable an entity as is possible.

Greenlam’s products also meet a range of environmental standards including ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Greenguard Gold, FSC® and Greenlabel Singapore. With Greenlam you can trace and evaluate the impact of their products, proving their position as one of the most environmentally aware laminate manufacturers operating today.