Timbmet are now a Fortis Preferred Panel Supplier

Timbmet are pleased to announce that they are now on the Fortis Preferred Panels Suppliers List as well as being a Preferred Timber Supplier.

This means that Fortis members can now buy Panel products from Timbmet as well as Timber products.

‘We are delighted that Fortis members can purchase Panel and Timber products from Timbmet’ said Mike Tattam, Timbmet Sales Director ‘Panels are a major growth area for Timbmet and we look forward to helping Fortis members choose the right Panel products for their projects’.

Further information on all our Panel products can be found at www.timbmet.com

FORTIS is the UK’s leading independent mixed merchant buying group. Representing a growing number of nationwide members, FORTIS provides a fresh approach to the benefits of combined buying, through its simple structure, responsive attitude and ability to leverage national opportunities.

For further information on Fortis go to www.fortismerchants.co.uk

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