New Coating Samples Available

Timbmet is the UK’s exclusive supplier of Red Grandis, a high performance FSC® 100% certified hardwood.
The Timbmet Teknos partnership offers coating in a range of RAL colours as well as Teknos Oak stain. Combining the outstanding workability and durability of Red Grandis with Teknos’ aesthetic and protective stain.
Coating samples are now available from Timbmet, email

Why use Red Grandis?
FSC® 100% certified
Easy to machine with excellent working properties
Straight grained hardwood
Durability class 2-3
Fungi resistant
Easily stained or painted
Continuity of supply
Plantation grown
Single species

Why use Teknos Coating System?
Outstanding results
Protects against weathering, UV degradation, mould and fungal attack
Fully water-based – reduces harmful emissions and disposal issues
Rapid application and fast drying minimises work and storage times
Easily maintained for lifetime performance

Further information on Teknos Antistain and Aquaprimer is available at

Teknos 2

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