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What is engineered timber?
Timbmet’s range of engineered timber is called TEC®. These are highly engineered solutions which provide improved stability and performance, with the look and feel of solid timber. They are made by joining/gluing multiple pieces of material together.

Why try engineered timber?
Engineered timber products make the use of timber possible in applications where until now the characteristics of wood made it unsuitable.

Additionally, Timbmet’s TEC® range is FD30 fire certified. The multi-layered construction provides stability and stress performance in excess of solid timber, and has a flawless appearance with no knots, splits or staining.

What are its suggested applications?
These products can be used for energy-efficient door and window frames, stairs, insulated doors and panels, and for more general used as substrates wrapped in wood veneer.

Timbmet offer TEC sections which are ideal for many joinery applications. Their Glulam Curtain Walling is load bearing, so ideal for conservatory ceilings and post/bolt constructions. The high quality timber finishes mean they are suitable for facades and internal cladding.

Is engineered timber more expensive?
Compared with solid wood, TEC® could save approximately 25% on material yield costs; made to measure components could also result in 30% less waste and lower associated costs. Labour costs are also reduced because of ease of storage and assembly of the quality controlled product. Timbmet have a price comparison calculator, so you can easily view the savings you could make.

Is it hard to work with?
No again. All components are cut to uniform size and can be moulded to specific profiles so there is less handling and storage. They can then be primed, stained and lacquered, ready for time-efficient, labour-saving, cost-efficient assembly and installation.

How can it be purchased?
The availability of engineered timber products ranges from off-the-shelf stock items, to a wide choice of bespoke services to satisfy individual projects and the most demanding specifications. Timbmet offer Pack deals for bulk purchases.

Range of products available
Timbmet stocks an extensive selection of TEC® Window, Door and Stair parts, in addition to Sandwich Panels, Insulated Sandwich Scantlings and Glulam Curtain Walling. TEC® is available in European Oak, Sapele, Redwood FSC® or PEFC certified, and FSC® certified Red Grandis, exclusive to Timbmet in the UK.

Download our TEC® Brochure here

“We hope our brochure will help our customers see the benefits of using Engineered Timber” says Justin Hayward from Timbmet. “Timbmet is so confident that you’ll see improved results using TEC® that we can provide working samples for you to trial.”

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Still need convincing?

Mike Thompson of Biker Group says: “We now use engineered Red Grandis for all our doors and windows because of its quality, performance, stainability and sustainability, and because it is economical and 100% FSC® certified.”

Further details on Timbmet’s full range of TEC® products is available here.

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