European Union Timber Regulation

The European Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into force in March 2013. The EUTR applies to wood and wood products being placed for the first time on the EU market. It counters the trade in illegally harvested timber and timber products by imposing three key obligations:

  1. Placing illegally harvested timber and products derived from such timber on the EU market for the first time, is prohibited.
  2. EU operators – those who place timber products on the EU market for the first time – are required to exercise ‘due diligence’.
  3. Traders – those who buy or sell timber and timber products already on the market – are required to keep information about their suppliers and customers to make timber easily traceable.

With a resident Head of Environment responsible for Chain of Custody integrity and customer support on environment issues, Timbmet are well placed to meet the requirements of the due diligence system required by the EUTR, having already operated in this way for over 5 years. Customers can continue to buy their products from Timbmet in confidence that they are in full compliance with the new regulation.